The modern manufacturing environment requires network connectivity between all elements of production and higher level business systems. It also requires security to help safeguard against viruses, malware or a deliberate attack. Grantek has the expertise to analyze the current network environment of our customers and design a roadmap solution to meet the specific needs of your business, from the production line to the front office. Our network analysis also considers the model of CIA, assess both the importance of the confidentiality of enterprise IT and availability – critical to the manufacturing world.

In many cases, facility networks are not well documented. Because of work and time constraints pressures, most manufacturing networks simply develop without much planning or documentation. Due to the growth of unplanned network, these unmanaged networks may have symptoms or aberrations such as outages and latency when the cause is difficult, if not impossible, to determine without detailed analysis and time. In many cases, IT departments or companies, nor the staff to proactively manage network traffic engineering equipment and manufacturing systems, which can also mean that production data are not readily available At the direction. In contrast, an IACS with devices provide a root cause analysis in seconds or even via predictive alert to the necessary people within the organization.

Grantek may conduct a network assessment to document your network as it exists, from the interconnecting wiring for communication setting configurations, including age and the sustainability of it is connected devices. The evaluation is a deep dive exposing gaps and problems with network health and identifies obsolete equipment as well as equipment that can be at the limit of its capacity. The evaluation of Grantek network also covers cyber security and design of the physical and logical network. The assessment identifies the points of pain, which allows our customers to prioritize the biggest problems, such as indefensible devices and reliable equipment. We have a solid understanding of the ISA-95 hierarchy and your organizational information needs, and allows Grantek to design and build the network to test your business needs.

Based on the assessment, Grantek network engineers develop a roadmap for migration. The evaluation documents the details of your network and its components, providing information that IT staff must maintain the system, but may not have had in the past. Every organization is different in the line between IT and OT. Grantek understands this and lead workshops to help you assess which is the dividing your organization today, understand where it can be tomorrow and understand the cost-benefit of any change.

Evaluation and recommended Grantek design takes the standard network architectures in the industry into account. Our report tells clients “This is what is in place today” and helps them move toward a plant-wide Ethernet model based on Cisco validated designs for designing logical and physical networks, including demilitarized zones (DMZ) at 3 to help provide a safety barrier between the company’s computer network and the production network. It is well known that the air gap or “island of automation” is not a reality in today’s world because of the proliferation of USB drives, drive for remote access and general cultural shift connectivity. Grantek can help design and implement a secure and manageable set of integration policies and later the life cycle of your old islands in a global architecture providing these services in a scalable and centrally manageable.

An unplanned network is difficult to maintain and scale. The migration plan will not only meet the needs of today’s users, but provide scalability for future growth. For example, your existing network can have support for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)  gaining ground throughout inadequate industry. IIoT poses new security challenges as it makes its way into production. As your business and the operations become connected, data challenges and security challenges increase dramatically. As connectivity becomes a cultural expectation, Grantek can help our customers make  network security is maintained as agility is increased. A network assessment is the first step to a manufacturing network run smoothly and quickly and provide reliable access to users.