Physical Infrastructure

Maintenance of the Physical Network Infrastructure in an operation is important to ensure accurate, efficient data transmission throughout a manufacturing facility, and allow for quick identification and resolution of connectivity issues. Improperly maintained Infrastructure can contribute to network problems such as interference, increasing maintenance costs as well as downtime, as poorly documented or obsolete cables require more time to troubleshoot. Grantek troubleshoots issues with Physical Network Infrastructure and implements corrective action to solve network problems and improve performance and productivity.

Proper maintenance of the Physical Network Infrastructure makes a massive difference in Data Transmission. Improper cable routing, bend radius, service lengths and cable separation between data cables and power cables, can cause problems that must be corrected, such as damaged cables, inadequate grounding, and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI). Grantek evaluates a manufacturing facility’s cabling and makes recommendations for upgrading cable media, pathways and enclosures to ensure accurate transmission of data from end to end. These recommendations are based upon ANSI/TIA-1005-A (Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Industrial Premises) and TIA-568-C.0-3 Cabling Standards.

As manufacturing enterprises connect more production lines with the company’s enterprise business system, Network Infrastructure becomes more imperative. As companies adopt the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), the versatility of Wi-Fi becomes more important. Consideration of Wi-Fi coverage needs is essential to avoid dead zones, interference between systems and provide adequate coverage for wireless sensors and devices installed in plant premises. Grantek has the expertise to conduct a Radio Frequency (RF) Site Audit to ensure Wi-Fi coverage leveraging 2.4/5GHz, 900MHz and other industry bands.

In addition to proper cabling, proper Physical Infrastructure includes sufficient space in electrical cabinets, correct wire and cable labeling, and securing cables to supports adequately. Meticulous maintenance of the Physical Infrastructure simplifies troubleshooting, since the physical network becomes more important as vision systems are installed and bandwidth requires increases. Grantek allows customers to improve maintainability by helping make Network Infrastructure and Physical Infrastructure more efficient and easier to maintain. We work with certified electrical contractors to ensure that network wiring is installed and grounded properly, upgrading the Physical Network Infrastructure to current standards to provide improved reliability and reduced maintenance costs.

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