Virtualization is more than just a buzzword. When implemented properly, Virtualization provides the means to get far more done, for less. Grantek has the experience and skillset to implement Virtualization and Hyper-Virtualization. We analyze server workloads, allowing customers to determine the exact level of consolidation possible. On average, a physical server is under 20% utilized, presenting a massive opportunity for consolidation. Virtual servers configured on one physical server (a “Virtual Host”) makes the most of the idle time. A virtual environment also greatly shortens new server provisioning time by bypassing hardware procurement, sometimes a factor critical to project success with tight timelines.  Because of our broad experience across industries, we have the expertise to identify how to P2V (Physical to Virtual) or lifecycle systems onto a robust virtual platform.

Virtualization brings several advantages to operations such as reducing the cost of purchasing and maintaining hardware, reducing the cost of power as the number of physical servers is reduced, and reducing the physical space required to house the servers. Virtualization can also decrease disaster recovery time, increase scalability and availability.

Grantek is a VMWare certified partner and works with other Hypervisors such as Citrix and Microsoft’s Hyper-V. Grantek is also capable of deploying SaaS and IaaS solutions in AWS, Azure, Rackspace and the Google Cloud Platform. To determine how to properly implement the target platform, Grantek performs a Network Assessment to evaluate and document a network as it currently exists. If no network exists, the requirements of the new network will be developed with policies for interconnection safely to disparate systems. Grantek can develop, lead and turnkey these initiatives, or work with a client’s existing IT teams to leverage our expertise in ICS environments and implement a previously developed program successfully. We can help consolidate the older or end-of-life hardware using Virtualization, while at the same time provide more comprehensive backup capability. Virtualization offers an opportunity to de-duplicate hardware sprawl and achieve better efficiencies in the server room.

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