Industrial Computing

As organizations scale, the collection of PCs and servers which host industrial applications, process operational data, and provide operators access to those systems becomes increasingly important.  Manageability of the environments and dynamic allocation of resources become top of mind to take advantage of economies of scale. Where and how data is stored presents itself as a non-trivial problem that requires up-front planning and a long-term strategy which – if executed – can allow the organization to compare data from multiple facilities in real-time or even apply AI algorithms to perform enterprise-wide predictive analytics.

Design to Enable Smart Analytics

How you build the underlying computing architecture can either prevent or facilitate leading data processing technologies. It’s important to ensure the data is stored where it’s needed for comparison and analysis, and robust communications are built in to ensure records are maintained for compliance and the user experience is polished. The payoff for giving the computing infrastructure attention is significant, allowing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning platforms to provide predictive maintenance, facility performance comparisons and supply chain optimization.

Industrial Computing

Leverage Technology to Enable Your Teams

Deploying industrial applications on a modern computing architecture gives the business the opportunity to benefit from smart analytics. But beyond that, the various teams within the organization managing and relying on the infrastructure benefit, through advanced tools and capabilities that traditional computing environments don’t offer.

Industrial IT Computing

Take Advantage of the Benefits of Cloud for Industrial Operations

Public reports from leading cloud services providers show the adoption of cloud technologies for industrial use is well under-way, and accelerating. Industrial applications – especially those used for monitoring and plant-floor to business-system connectivity – are leading the adoption, such as OEE, Quality, MES, and Environmental Monitoring Systems. Cloud deployments bring significant value to the business when applied in for the right applications.

Industrial Computing

Leverage Grantek to Modernize Your Infrastructure

Grantek’s Industrial Computing services are designed to empower the organization to take advantage of smart technologies through a robust, modern computing infrastructure.

Industrial Computing

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