Grantek’s Safety Experts provide consultative services to create Corporate Safety Programs. Typically, program development begins with an evaluation of a company’s set of safety requirements provided to machine builders and service providers. Grantek can quickly determine gaps and inconsistencies in safety expectations. As part of this consultation, Grantek facilitates Specification Development Workshops designed to help companies determine a set of requirements that meets unique organizational needs.

Grantek also offers Consultative services in Corporate Safety Initiative planning. Developing and implementing a best-in-class, sustainable Corporate Machine Safety program involves more than creating documents; it requires a deep understanding of interconnections between manufacturing, engineering, operations, safety, and ultimately your business. Grantek’s approach toward integrating safety into unique business needs is based on our philosophy of improving safety to achieve operational excellence. Our approach includes our participation in the development of safety industry consensus standards, our regimented documentation and implementation program, collaboration with regulatory entities including OSHA, the FDA, the Ministry of Labour and the CSST.

Developing a holistic Corporate Safety Program can reduce the need for safety-related modifications down the road. It also drives consistency in all safeguarding solutions. Without a set of well-defined safety specifications, safeguarding solutions and supplied documentation will vary widely from machine to machine.

Training and Education

Grantek helps companies develop Corporate Safety Procedures and provides safety education and onsite training in the following areas:

  • Risk Assessments
  • Safety System Design
  • Application of Safeguarding Devices
  • Regulatory Requirements and Industry Safety Standards

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