Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) can help maximize performance, increase productivity, reduce waste, ensure product quality, and increase efficiency in your operations. MES implementation is a necessity to remain competitive and meet regulatory requirements in today’s production environment, especially in the pharmaceutical and food/beverage industries.

MES connects your low-level process control system, the PLCs, SCADA, etc., and the high level Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Without MES, your production environment merely consists of a collection of systems that operate exclusive of each other. MES provides the means for them to communicate with one another and enables operations personnel to make real-time, data-driven decisions.  Grantek’s experience and expertise permits us to scale MES to your needs: you pay only for what you need to increase the agility of your operations, instead of buying a huge, cumbersome system that may be difficult to use. We integrate a focused MES seamlessly with your business system.

MES provides the means for capturing production context data throughout the manufacturing process so it can provide records required by the applicable regulatory agencies. We can configure the software to maintain these records automatically as production occurs to ensure that you are ready to quickly respond to regulatory audits as needed.

The basic stack of applications relevant to production consists of machine controls, SCADA, MES, and ultimately the ERP layer. Grantek works to ensure that all systems we install follow the ISA-95 standard. MES is a discipline that goes hand-in-hand with ISA-95. As shown below, Grantek works at every level of the organization to not only address the technological needs of our customers, but to also help turn your manufacturing data into business intelligence and improve efficiency. Ultimately our MES solutions can help you meet regulatory requirements while improving operations.