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Grantek’s Director of Smart Manufacturing Practice on Lean Six Sigma: Where Waste Reduction Meets Quality Improvement

May 21, 2019

Sam Russem, Director of Smart Manufacturing Practice at Grantek, recently wrote an article on Lean Six Sigma for manufactures that was published by Inductive Automation. Grantek is a proud partner of Inductive Automation. Inductive Automation has recognized Grantek as an Enterprise Integrator, a select group of global integrators that work with large companies on long-term


Video – Machine Safety: Missed Opportunities When Trying to Improve Both Safety and Productivity

April 25, 2019

Grantek has released a new video. Machine Safety: Missed Opportunities When Trying to Improve Both Safety and Productivity is now available by clicking here. This video features Jeff Winter, Grantek’s Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives. This video is the next installment of thought leadership in Machine Safety. The video will cover the latest trends in Machine Safety, providing


Grantek Joins Panduit at Rockwell Automation’s Automation Fair 2018

October 31, 2018

Grantek is proud to join our partner Panduit at Automation Fair in Philadelphia, PA on November 14th and 15th. We will be at Booth 349 between 8-9am on the 14th, and between 1-2pm on the 15th. Please click here if you would like to set up a meeting with us during those times, or a time


Systèmes D‘immotique

July 6, 2018

L’environnement est important dans le secteur pharmaceutique et dans celui des aliments et des boissons dont les produits doivent parfois répondre à des exigences environnementales relativement à leur production et leur entreposage. Certaines usines de plus grande envergure sont équipées de capteurs qui transmettent les conditions environnementales à un centre de commande centralisé qui présente

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VIDEO: MES Solutions – Beyond Compliance: The Top 3 Benefits of Digital Track and Trace

June 28, 2018

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) can help maximize performance, increase productivity, reduce waste and ensure product quality in manufacturing operations. Digital Track and Trace, integrated with MES, can provide a competitive advantage for those looking to improve productivity while also ensuring regulatory compliance. This video will help firms realize the benefits of implementing Digital Track and


Front End Engineering

June 13, 2018

Scope creep, schedule delays, budget over-runs, and unhappy end-users – one or more of these can tarnish the perception of your projects.  Leveraging the experience from thousands of small, medium and large sized engineering projects successfully executed since its founding, Grantek has developed and refined a project-execution methodology to mitigate these risks.  Grantek offers this


Grantek Featured in May Issue of Automation World Magazine

May 15, 2018

The May 2018 issue of Automation World includes an article about Grantek’s upgrade at a large manufacturer of intravenous (IV) and peritoneal dialysis solutions. Click Here to Read the Automation World Article This article quotes Senior Project Manager, ePMO, Parm Pawan. Parm offers his insights on manufacturing automation upgrade factors including increased regulations, changing consumer


Inductive Automation Names Grantek an Enterprise Integrator

May 1, 2018

Inductive Automation has named Grantek Systems Integration as a new member of its Enterprise Integrator Program. Inductive Automation defines Enterprise Integrators as those with a high level of Ignition certification, a global presence, the ability to take on enterprise-wide projects, and 250 or more engineers, among other requirements. Ignition by Inductive Automation® is an industrial


PLC-5 to CLX – A Path Through The Seen and Unseen Risk

September 8, 2017

The need to migrate away from PLC-5 controllers has become a reality at manufacturing sites. The Allen-Bradley PLC-5 has had a useful lifespan, and that lifespan has reached its endpoint with the product line officially being discontinued in June 2017. However, unlike products that can simply be replaced and upgraded, the lifespan of a PLC-5

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Grantek to Present at Inductive Automation’s ICC’17 in Folsom, CA

August 22, 2017

Grantek’s Chief Innovation Officer and Director of Consulting, Ian Tooke, will be presenting at Inductive Automation’s ICC’17 in Folsom, CA. ICC’17 will take place over 3 days (September 18-20) and will bring together the community of Ignition users. Attendees will get expert tips from Ignition trainers, see real-world Ignition projects from other industries, and talk