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Grantek to Deliver Keynote at Next Generation Manufacturing Seminar

May 17, 2018

Ian Tooke, Chief Innovation Officer at Grantek, will deliver the Keynote Presentation at the Next Generation Manufacturing Seminar in Brampton, ON. This event is hosted by the Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium (EMC). EMC is a unique non-profit organization dedicated to helping manufacturers grow and become more competitive, in Canada and around the world. EMC has

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April 4, 2018

La mondialisation, la criminalité, le laxisme réglementaire et les exigences en matière de traçabilité, sans oublier les protocoles de production peu rigoureux, ont fait augmenter l’incidence dans le marché des médicaments et dispositifs médicaux contrefaits potentiellement dangereux. On estime que 10 % des médicaments vendus dans le monde sont en réalité des produits contrefaits – au


Serialization in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: Grantek Publishes a New Whitepaper that Looks Beyond Compliance

February 26, 2018

A new whitepaper has been published by Grantek titled: Serialization in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: Serialization Requirements for Pharmaceutical Production, Looking Beyond Compliance. This whitepaper examines upcoming regulatory enforcement in the pharmaceutical industry and how serialization requirements can be integrated into the entire manufacturing process. Click Here to Read the Whitepaper Grantek is a Systems Integrator with

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Aliments et Boisson

February 21, 2018

Depuis plus de 30 ans, Grantek a acquis une vaste expérience dans l’industrie des aliments et des boissons – il s’agit en fait de notre plus important marché vertical. Nous avons réalisé le travail d’intégration pour une grande variété de produits, notamment du côté des bières, des boissons gazeuses, des , des produits laitiers et des collations. Nous connaissons les


Video from ICC’17: Traceability with Ignition and the Sepasoft MES Modules

October 16, 2017

  Recorded in September 2017 at Inductive Automation’s ICC’17 in Folsom, CA. Grantek’s Chief Innovation Officer and Director of Consulting, Ian Tooke, shared how to use the power of MES by Sepasoft and Inductive Automation to improve food safety and traceability. Examples of where integrated MES technology makes the biggest impact, and ensuring truth in labeling, product

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Grantek to Present at Inductive Automation’s ICC’17 in Folsom, CA

August 22, 2017

Grantek’s Chief Innovation Officer and Director of Consulting, Ian Tooke, will be presenting at Inductive Automation’s ICC’17 in Folsom, CA. ICC’17 will take place over 3 days (September 18-20) and will bring together the community of Ignition users. Attendees will get expert tips from Ignition trainers, see real-world Ignition projects from other industries, and talk


MESA International Board Member and Grantek Expert on Smart Manufacturing

July 17, 2017

Jim Toman, Director – Smart Manufacturing Practice at Grantek, wrote about Smart Manufacturing for Automation World. Since 2003, automation professionals have depended upon Automation World for relevant and comprehensive industry information and analysis on “the why and how of manufacturing automation.” Please click here to read Jim’s article: About Jim Toman: Jim Toman is

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Grantek Presents at ISA Toronto Exposium 2017

June 23, 2017

Sales Manager Ash Ayyaswamy and Chief Innovation Officer Ian Tooke were at ISA Toronto Exposium 2017 on June 22, 2017.  Ian presented on FSMA and how to use MES to improve food safety. Ash discussed Grantek capabilities with show attendees. ISA Toronto is a local section of the International Society of Automation (ISA). The ISA

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Four Things you need to know about Food Safety and Traceability

June 15, 2015

By: Jim Toman – Senior Food Specialist at Grantek & MESA Americas Board Member During the recent MESA North American conference in Charlotte, North Carolina, I had the pleasure of leading an unConference session on the topic of food safety and traceability. During the discussion, it became clear that there is quite a challenge in front of food

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