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Video – Integrating Biometric Authentication to Improve Productivity and Compliance: Cleanroom Solutions from Nymi, Systec & Solutions and Grantek

September 10, 2019

Grantek has released a new video. Integrating Biometric Authentication to Improve Productivity and Compliance – Cleanroom Solutions from Nymi, Systec & Solutions and Grantek is now available by clicking here. This video features Alissa Daly – Strategic Business Development Manager at Grantek, Jan Thriene – Business Development Manager at Systec & Solutions and Phil Chang –

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Video – Machine Safety: Missed Opportunities When Trying to Improve Both Safety and Productivity

April 25, 2019

Grantek has released a new video. Machine Safety: Missed Opportunities When Trying to Improve Both Safety and Productivity is now available by clicking here. This video features Jeff Winter, Grantek’s Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives. This video is the next installment of thought leadership in Machine Safety. The video will cover the latest trends in Machine Safety, providing

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Panduit and Grantek Win an Innovators Award for the Jointly Published Coal Generation Power Plant Case Study

September 12, 2018

Panduit and Grantek have been presented with an Innovators Award from Cabling Installation and Maintenance for the Coal Generation Power Plant Case Study that was published earlier in 2018. The judging panel consisted of cabling and communications system specifiers, designers, integrators and managers with vast professional experience. Grantek and Panduit were honored with a Platinum


Grantek Featured in May Issue of Automation World Magazine

May 15, 2018

The May 2018 issue of Automation World includes an article about Grantek’s upgrade at a large manufacturer of intravenous (IV) and peritoneal dialysis solutions. Click Here to Read the Automation World Article This article quotes Senior Project Manager, ePMO, Parm Pawan. Parm offers his insights on manufacturing automation upgrade factors including increased regulations, changing consumer

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Apotex: Pharma Controls Retrofit Improves Process

July 6, 2015

There are many reasons to upgrade from obsolete control systems; they can include lack of support, scarcity of parts, lack of functionality, lack of flexibility to make changes in the software and unscheduled downtime due to system crashes. Apotex, a large pharmaceutical manufacturer, was experiencing some of these business risks of operating an obsolete control


Global Beverage Manufacturer Partners with Grantek to Upgrade Manufacturing Safety Circuitry to Exceed Manufacturing Safety Standards

December 11, 2013

A global beverage manufacturer planned an upgrade to safety circuits on thousands of assets. The project offered an opportunity to upgrade both machine components as well as components in the panel. Grantek managed the complete project. Continuous improvement in project methodology and execution continues to reduce the per machine cost of the project and has exceeded safety standards in the workplace as well as the client’s expectations.

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Machine Down Time Decreased through Manufacturing Automation for Brita

November 7, 2013

For Brita, keeping assembly machines up and running had become a hands-on, time-consuming task. The reliability of equipment on the assembly line had been an ongoing concern. Machine down time was common and troubleshooting inefficient. The current software wasn’t operator-friendly. Grantek was engaged to upgrade the controls on five of the plant’s filter assembly machines to improve reliability, reprogramming the controls in a format that conformed to the corporate template. At the completion of the project, the client had a machine with full documentation that operators could actually use, machine downtime was greatly reduced, and the plant was able to increase production capacity by at least 30%.


Extracting Actionable Data from Legacy Systems with Manufacturing Intelligence Software Upgrade

December 17, 2012

Every enterprise wants to improve. It can do this by understanding where it is today and mapping out a clear path to achieving better results for tomorrow. Undertaking this journey demands technologies and manufacturing intelligence that provides accurate, actionable information. More often than not, facilities have a mix of legacy systems from a variety of


Wastewater Plant Software Upgrade Delivers Manufacturing Intelligence

August 20, 2012

A Canadian water/wastewater operation that encompasses six separate treatment plants recognized its need to not only increase visibility into existing systems, but spot trends that would help them better predict their production needs. The water/wastewater operation enlisted Grantek, a systems integrator and its partner, Rockwell Automation, to identify areas in need of improvement and implement a manufacturing intelligence strategy that could help them reduce risk of downtime and optimize operations.


Access and Control Series: Remote Access Control Technologies Advantages & Disadvantages

August 20, 2012

Remote access technologies have been around for quite some time. This is thanks, in part, to Internet protocol (IP)-based virtual private networks (VPNs). Grantek typically applies a unified system architecture using open, industry-standard networking technologies, but customizes the technology choices and design for each customer. We apply remote asset control technologies that best fit the security policies and unified threat management (UTM) or firewall devices being used. To maintain strict control of remote access, it is best to keep automation and control protocol at “home,” or in the manufacturing zone. By implementing secure access control technologies, factory automation systems can be quickly and safely accessed which can result in improved plant efficiency.