Grantek Sponsors Science Olympiad for Second Year Running…

June 14, 2017

Community Service at Grantek

Science Olympiad ( is a national science competition for middle and high school students.  Teams of 15 students break into groups of two and have 6 hours to compete in 23 events that includes testing events that span from anatomy to knowledge of space and building events that range from bridges to robot arms. The goal of these teams is to have the best combination of top finishes in the 23 events. Science Olympiad has been using the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education concept for over 30 years.

Our own, Brian Hoffman has been involved with Science Olympiad as a parent and moving to running events at the state and national level. Currently he coaches events for local middle and high school students in the engineering related events and runs some of the individual events at the local, state, and national tournaments.

Grantek Cleveland office became involved by helping at several Science Olympiad tournaments in Ohio. The Cleveland office helped run the Egg Scrambler event at these tournaments. In Scrambler the students must design, build and test a mechanical device which uses the energy from a falling mass to transport an egg along a track as quickly as possible and stop as close to the center of a terminal barrier without breaking the egg. Brian allocated the duty of cleaning up any mishaps of the “scrambles” that may have occurred to our Grantek volunteers.

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