Grantek Vancouver Volunteers at Ronald McDonald House

May 9, 2018

Grantek Social Fun

Well after two months of planning, multiple trips to the grocery store, and hours of soup making and food prep, the GTVAN team (plus others) successfully provided a delicious meal for over 130 people staying at the BC Ronald McDonald House.

The Ronald McDonald house is a non-profit organization that provides a home for families that have to travel to the Vancouver area for their kids treatments at the BC Children’s Hospital. These families often have multiple hospital appointments each day and do not have the time nor energy to want to cook for themselves. The GTVAN team decided that we would use our monthly social funds and donate our time to prepare and serve dinner for the families at the house. Even though one dinner seems insignificant, we felt that we would try to do something to help these families through what could be the hardest times of their lives. The response was heartwarming and gratifying. We had one gentleman come up to us afterwards to express his gratitude for us donating our time to provide dinner, his story was tear jerking and made us all very aware of just how much the little things matter to people going through hard times.

Overall, this experience was truly amazing. Thank you to the entire team for your time and effort in making this a huge success. Looking forward to the next one!!


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