Grantek’s Activity Fund

June 20, 2018

Grantek Ski Outing

Socializing and connecting with your colleagues are at the forefront of The Grantek Social program.  A sense of enjoyment, friendship and connection are key components in achieving a social program that works. Here at Grantek we pride ourselves on the development of this plan, and the social activities that come out of this program.

All Grantek employees enjoy the various activities that occur throughout the year. Generally, localized events take place on a monthly basis, and there are also 2-3 major events per year within each office. Whether it be the camaraderie we enjoy during a competitive bowling event, a go-karting night, a relaxing evening at the movies, or major events such as Holiday parties, Annual Golf Tournaments, and Family Picnic’s. Grantek is focused on creating a fun atmosphere for all individuals to enjoy.

Each office is given a social activity fund, for which they can plan, and choose events that are suitable to their office.  ‘Social dollars’ are delegated to each office to aid in the funding of each events. After the event, photos are uploaded to social pages such as Yammer, or the Grantek’s Events Page, where Grantekian’s can reminisce on past events.

Past Events:
– Family Picnic’s
– Golf Tournaments
– Office BBQs
– Axe Throwing
– Sailing and Navy Pier
– Bowling
– Go Karting
– Movies
– Ski Trips

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