Grantek understands that our clients are under pressure to perform in the highly customized Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry. Everyday, the expectation to do more with less rises, while the expectations of quality of product remain the same. CPG’s continuous product innovation, along with government regulatory agencies’ demand for safer products, creates a need to supply accurate, safe products, fast.

Grantek’s extensive experience in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry and our vast regulatory knowledge and involvement enables us to provide world class solutions to our clients, followed by executed projects fulfilling challenging mandates.

Grantek has deep experience providing our clients with applications such as:

Grantek has experience across the breadth of the CPG industry. Our expertise goes well beyond simply automating CPG systems. We can integrate your systems through all five levels of the ISA-95 model to provide actionable business intelligence.

Grantek has vast experience automating and integrating the following types of CPG processes:

  • Continuous process
  • Batch process
  • Discrete manufacturing (assembly and packaging)

Our talented engineering teams are also familiar with hybrid versions of these processes, and experienced in MES, Serialization, Vision systems, and Label Verification Requirements.

Grantek employs modern operational and information technologies in our systems designs. We partner with several major automation and software vendors, including Rockwell Automation, Inductive Automation, SAP, and Cognex. Our engineers have deep expertise in integrating complex systems involving Process and Packaging, as well as Networks and Cybersecurity. Grantek is also a member of MESA International and a MESA Recognized Business, with several members of our team recognized as MESA Practitioners.