Consumer Packaged Goods

Grantek has over three decades of wide-ranging experience in Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG). We have completed project work across a broad range of products, including household cleaning products, home plumbing products, consumer water filtration products, and plastic kitchen storage products. We understand the industry needs as well as the manufacturing flexibility needs to meet changing consumer preferences.

We offer deep expertise in the following areas:

Automation Systems need to enable the manufacturer to drive efficiencies in their Operations, while having the capabilities designed in to allow changes to be implemented to meet market demands of changing consumer preferences. Maximizing the capacity of the automated systems means measuring production correctly, ensuring complete but fast sanitation, minimizing energy usage, ensuring mass balance, reducing product changeover times, increasing yields, and ensuring product quality. Traceability provides the producer with the information necessary to minimize the scope of a recall and improve quality overall and reduce cost by reducing waste and catching problems early. Further, a properly integrated system provides important information for use in hazard analysis when required. 

Grantek has experience in many diverse areas of CPG. Whether your initial steps include: metal processing / forming, plastic extrusion / molding, converting or the batching and blending of ingredients, Grantek has experience to bring to your team. Our packaging experience is unrivaled, and from primary packaging to labeling pallets, we will enable you to get finished goods packaged in the right material, in the correct quantities, and labeled for the correct destination.   

Our expertise goes well beyond simply automating production. We integrate systems through all five levels of the ISA-95 model to provide actionable business intelligence. Grantek’s Manufacturing 4.0 Consulting team has wide-ranging expertise and can help generate a Strategic Roadmap to plan future upgrades and expansions. Allowing clients to improve efficiency, increase yields, and maximize ROI by implementing upgrades in logical steps.

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