Alternative energy sources, such as Solar and Wind farms, are becoming more important as their power is synchronized into the conventional energy grid. These energy farms are large scale, sophisticated and a significant capital investment. As they become a significant power source, the market demands they exhibit high reliability and maximize output throughout the operational life of the equipment.

Grantek’s experience in improving system reliability, by providing enhanced monitoring capabilities, makes us well suited to develop and integrate innovative solutions in the Energy sector. Grantek understands that data alone does not equal information. Rather than simply installing site control and reporting systems, Grantek goes several steps further to provide a complete solution that ensures not only proper equipment configuration, but also optimum reporting capabilities to provide maximum utility for most users, across the enterprise. We evaluate the needs of energy companies to understand their operations, and design systems to integrate everything, from the onsite PLCs and SCADA systems, through the company Network Infrastructure, and into the Business Management Systems.

Grantek has experience creating monitoring platforms that provide visualization for multiple sites from a single monitoring location, improving the efficiency of data collection, providing robust connectivity, even from distant sites and maximizing the output of solar energy systems throughout the equipment’s lifespan. We also have experience integrating power plant controllers to manage power output – working with both regulated and unregulated power sites.

As security is of utmost concern within the energy sector, Grantek conforms to NERC-CIP compliance to help protect the national energy grid from malicious attack. We also hold over 4 years of experience implementing such security standards, while working with renewable energy monitoring systems.