Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing Consulting Program

The concepts of Smart Manufacturing, and Industry 4.0 describe a new era of manufacturing: one that leverages connected systems, advanced computing intelligence, and rapidly changing consumer markets to transform how we approach manufacturing system design and implementation. Smart Manufacturing presents unique challenges and new opportunities.

At Grantek, Smart Manufacturing is much more than just a process – we take a holistic approach to designing, deploying, and managing enterprise-scale manufacturing operations, allowing companies to utilize informed and timely data to make informed decisions, enable people, and capture new markets.

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Industry 4.0 Infographic

Grantek assists companies in achieving Smart Manufacturing through our expertise and consulting, research on the latest Industry 4.0 technologies, study of best-practices, and technology implementation skills. Our advanced engineering teams help improve energy efficiency, reduce risk, and speed up time to market through increasingly agile decision making, fueled by our ability to capture and integrate data at all levels of the enterprise.

Using the three pillars of Smart Manufacturing: Improved Efficiency, Risk Reduction, and Agile Decision Making, Grantek helps to reduce resource use and thus costs through innovative engineering integration that puts meaningful data at your fingertips.

Grantek is on the cutting edge of thought leadership for implementation of the North American Smart Manufacturing Initiative: we have staff on the International Board of MESA and on the standards committee

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