Label Printer Control (GEPS) Solution

Managing communication across all aspects of a line has become increasingly important as more systems and equipment are interconnected, to other aspects of the facility, and tools which drive decisions across the enterprise

Grantek’s Enterprise Productivity Suite (GEPS) was developed with this in mind and is the best tool to manage and facilitate the flow of data and communication across your operations. GEPS is powered by Inductive Automation’s Ignition software, and manages SKU data communication between PLCs, Devices and Databases.

Being able to utilize data correctly increases productivity while also allowing for decisions to be made in real-time.

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Printer Control Infographic

Grantek’s Label Printer Control (GEPS) Solution can provide:

⊙ PLC Communications – GEPS manages communication with the PLC. This allows you to get SKU selection from the HMI and search for matching SKU in the database. GEPS even allows for SKU confirmation to be sent; confirming either the SKU doesn’t exist, there are multiple SKUs on the selection or if a good SKU is found.

⊙ Device Communication – This tool can also facilitate communication with devices, by connecting scanners and printers to the system. GEPS also allows commands to be sent to these devices.

⊙ Database Communication – Database communication management is also central to the toolset of GEPS. This solution allows users to manager line information, along with SKU version and configuration information for each line. GEPS can then connect this data communication with the PLC and other devices.

⊙ Communication Status – GEPS connects these components by managing the data and communication across the line. This solution allows you to send and receive watchdog notification from PLCs, send status requests to devices and display the communication status.

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