Uptime is crucial to your business and as a leading provider of integrated manufacturing automation and information services, Grantek’s support solutions are designed to maximize our clients’ return on investment and minimize downtime by resolving problems quickly utilizing the latest remote monitoring and access technology. When issues require onsite assistance, technicians are strategically located throughout North America and can be quickly dispatched to resolve critical issues.

Grantek currently offers the following support options:

  • Health Checks: Monthly or quarterly reports are created by our support engineers to show if your systems are in compliance or at risk.
  • On Demand: A team of support engineers are available as needs arise at your facility. Support tickets are billed at a contracted Time & Material rate only when issues occur.
  • Priority On Demand: A team of customer specific support engineers are available with a guaranteed response time (as fast as 30 minutes!) to help minimize the impact on production. Support tickets are billed at a contracted Time & Material rate with an additional per diem.
  • Dedicated: Engineers are always available, day or night, to assist your line, facility or entire plant network. Reporting, Patching, Training or Commissioning. Your dedicated support engineer is always keeping your facility at peak performance.
  • Custom: Our support team welcomes the opportunity to design and build the exact support contract that meets your specific needs. Call us today and let’s work together to ensure your needs are met, and your uptime is maximized!

Grantek engineers are already supporting the following for our customers:

  • General Industrial IT Support (Hardware, OS, Patching, Migration, Backup & Recovery, 3rd Party Automation Software)
  • General Facility Automation (Utilities, Process, Packaging, Distribution)
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Motion and Vision Applications
  • Networking
  • Training
  • Instrumentation
  • Purchasing
  • Documentation

Support Information

For our existing customers to obtain support, simply call our Customer Service Call Center at 1.866.634.0844. Our call center has the information about each of our customers so that support tickets can be quickly routed to the Grantek staff already familiar with your facility and projects.