Grantek’s Andrew Abramson Shares Machine Vision Innovations with Control Engineering Magazine

April 11, 2022

Grantek’s Andrew Abramson Shares Machine Vision Innovations with Control Engineering Magazine

Control Engineering Magazine’s April 2022 issue features an article written by Andrew Abramson, Director of Client Success at Grantek. This article, titled: “Four machine vision innovations for industrial automation”, discusses machine vision innovations. From optics and lighting to smart cameras to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), machine vision is growing in industrial automation and changing in many ways.

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“Machine vision has consistently been one of the fastest-evolving segments in industrial automation. While the fundamentals behind machine vision have changed little over time, manufacturers continue to find creative ways to stretch these fundamentals into new and innovative products. Machine vision innovations have taken many forms, although the industry has been most influenced by four machine vision technological advancements: Smart camera prevalence, Optics and lighting, Web browser interfaces, and Artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML).”
Control Engineering Magazine, April 2022

Control Engineering Magazine also named Grantek one of the 2022 top System Integrator Giants in the world. Grantek was awarded 14th place on the 2022 System Integrator Giants list. The System Integrator Giants list is compiled annually and ranks the top 70 system integration companies in the world by total system integration revenue. The system integration companies on the 2022 System Integrator Giants list account for account for over $1 billion of revenue, and more than 54% of the companies on this year’s list, including Grantek had revenues above $10 million.

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