With a vast amount of new technology, processes and applications now available to Life Sciences manufacturers, it has become exceedingly difficult to sift through the noise and jargon to identify which solutions will lead to increased productivity and growth.

This is where Grantek’s Industry 4.0 Consulting for Life Sciences can help.

Grantek has been immersed in the Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical, and Medical Devices industries for over four decades, resulting in a deep understanding of the operations and regulatory requirements. We recognize the need for the industry to move away from standalone proprietary systems, which are difficult to maintain and may not provide the capabilities or information demanded to be compliant with today’s regulations .

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Grantek’s Industry 4.0 Consulting for Life Sciences can provide:

⊙ Digital Strategy – Grantek helps you realize the value of digitalization. This starts with planning goals the organization wants to achieve and what digital initiatives will meet those goals. Then based on objectives collected both from the business and from operational stakeholders, a roadmap is created that fits within a facility design strategy.

⊙ Pharma 4.0 Technology Curation – Grantek matches the business requirements and value to technology solutions. This helps customers find what actually works for their business and process.

⊙ Enterprise Planning Deliverables – Grantek delivers User Requirements that can be utilized by the entire organization. This is done by clearly defining business objectives that are organized by ISA-95 and MESA Models, helping to ensure all future developments are tied to these objectives and values. Functional Requirements are also developed by Grantek. By including the human-element, Grantek focuses on how various systems will work together to achieve the User Requirements. By focusing on both sets of requirements, communication can be streamlined across the Enterprise.

⊙ Navigation of Industry Standards – We do this by leveraging a wide range of industry standards (ISA-88, ISA-95 and GAMP5) and associations (Professional Engineers, ISPE and MESA). We also provide thought leadership and consultative solutions to help our customers understand Smart Manufacturing, meet supply chain management issues and comply with strict regulatory requirements.


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