Grantek’s over 40 years of experience assisting Pharma manufacturers modernize their operations puts us in the best position to deliver on Greenfield and Brownfield Pharma Process Integration projects.

Greenfield projects are completely new and are executed from scratch, while a brownfield project is one that has been worked on by others and is now being handed off to Grantek for completion.

Regardless of the project’s legacy, Grantek has the experience to deliver the outcome needed in this highly regulated industry.

Integration Solution Infographic

Grantek’s Greenfield and Brownfield Pharma Process Integration Solutions can provide:

⊙ Equipment Organization and Preparation – Grantek delivers equipment layout drawings, detailed equipment lists, specifications and utility requirements to ensure your project is set up for success.

⊙ Contractor Management – Grantek’s experience in project management includes managing contractors. This includes overseeing electrical, mechanical, plumbing/piping and networking contractors.

⊙ Modernizing Facilities and Infrastructure – Be it Greenfield or Brownfield, Grantek has experience working with partners to provide BAS/BMS, HVAC, Refrigeration, Boilers/Steam/Hot Water Systems, Compressed Air and Wastewater integration and support.

⊙ Complete System Validation – Grantek uses the GAMP Model “Plus” to design, implement and validate the systems we integrate. This is done with risk mitigation in mind and a requirements traceability matrix which is used throughout.


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