Grantek’s Packaging Automation expertise extends through the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences, Food and Beverage and Consumer Packaged Goods industries. Our expert staff has successfully implemented global projects including:

  • Machine / Equipment Upgrades
  • Upgrades to an Existing Packaging Line
  • Additional lines to an Existing Site, and
  • Automation Integration for an Entirely New Facility

Grantek always performs an audit of a company’s operations to fully understand the processes and currently implemented technologies. This allows us to develop the best possible strategy for the current project and meets a company’s specific needs for today and tomorrow. We develop a detailed roadmap that identifies the work required and provides our customer with a clear overview of the upcoming project.

Grantek’s Process Methodology and Capabilities include the following:

  • Site Surveying
  • Hardware Risk Analysis
  • Safety Assessment
  • Machine Safeguarding Evaluations
  • Regenerating Schematics or Machine Electrical Diagrams, as required
  • Center-lining
  • Dismantling, if appropriate
  • Process Flow Charts
  • Modifying Existing Control Panels
  • Designing New Control Panels
  • Complete Software and Electrical Automation Services
  • Network Connectivity Infrastructures
  • Line Safety Measures (Emergency Stops and Interlocks)
  • Line Control, Balancing and Optimizations
  • Machine Vision System Integration
  • Research & Development


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