Grantek’s four-decade-long tenure serving life sciences customers has put us in a great position to deliver Building Automation Systems (BAS) / Building Management Systems (BMS) and Environmental Monitoring Systems (EMS) that improve facility operations.

We also fully understand the regulatory environment in which your company operates, so we designed and built a product capable of controlling and monitoring your facility’s manufacturing and storage environment. Our system is relied on by many customers to generate accurate records of environmental conditions in their facilities.

Whether it’s archiving your environmental data in order to protect your company’s reputation, or identifying underlying issues of how products were produced or stored that are threatening a recall – Grantek’s BAS/BMS and EMS expertise can deliver results for your facility and enterprise.

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Grantek’s BAS/BMS and EMS programs provide:

  • BAS/BMS Solutions from Grantek ensure automatic control and regulation of your facilities subsystems. This allows you to safely control your facility while also being able to monitor your systems and optimize your operations.
  • Grantek’s EMS Solutions provide manufacturers with real-time monitoring of environmental quality within the facility. Air pressure, flow, humidity, temperature and other factors can be monitored to analyze conditions and better control the internal environment of your production environment.
  • Grantek’s life sciences customers requested a light-weight, cloud-based, scalable version of BAS, so we created BAS Lite to meet their needs and the needs of other clients in the industry as well as the Food and Beverage vertical. BAS Lite provides environmental monitoring, alarming and notification capabilities but does not include the building controls included with a full BAS system.
  • As BAS Lite is a smaller and low impact solution, reap the benefits of a more affordable way to monitor environmental conditions without also having to replace your existing HVAC controls. Handles data collection, processing, alarming, and notification, all without the need of adding substantial hardware to your data centre.
  • The BAS Lite system can be configured to meet your enterprise’s specific needs. BAS Lite’s onsite hardware runs on an industry-standard PLC and an embedded Linux-based Communications Control Unit (CCU). This dedicated computer connects directly to the environment monitoring system and accepts digital and analog inputs. BAS Lite was developed by Grantek from the ground-up to satisfy regulatory environmental requirements and so has a built-in audit trailing, to record access and changes by personnel.
  • BAS Lite takes the place of older paper-based temperature and humidity recording equipment, which relies on human intervention to change the chart paper and properly store the daily charts. Why rely on a manual process when it can easily be replaced with automated data collection and reporting? Your plant maintenance staff will appreciate not having to change chart paper any longer. Subscription-based service, end-to-end, from installation, through on-going support, to periodic sensor calibration.


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