OEE Accelerator Solution

Understanding how your manufacturing systems and assets are performing is one of the first steps to real-time operational insights, identifying opportunities for improvement, and intelligent Smart Manufacturing initiatives. Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is the essential, industry-standard metric for capturing asset utilization and efficiency.

Implementing systems for tracking OEE and downtime needs to be easy so that you can move onto identifying problems and developing Smart Manufacturing solutions as quickly as possible. Grantek’s OEE Accelerator delivers a strong foundation for Ignition MES deployments with fast time-to-value so that you get immediate results and returns, but it is also designed for flexibility and scalability to adapt to your unique process, business case, and factory environment.

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To support that mission, Grantek has assembled the critical functions of Sepasoft’s OEE and Downtime module to expedite delivery of Performance Monitoring solutions on the Ignition platform. Grantek’s OEE Accelerator is available in Ignition’s Vision or Perspective. OEE Accelerator in Perspective allows operators on the shopfloor to access OEE data, downtime information and control production runs from their place of work.

The Sepasoft OEE Accelerator fits into Grantek’s overall Agile MES strategy for delivering successful Smart Manufacturing solutions. Agile MES encourages a collaborative, iterative approach to provide value to end users quickly while embracing continuous improvement opportunities. The OEE Accelerator provides a strong foundation for Performance Monitoring solutions that can be improved, adapted, and rolled out at-scale to enable lean operations and provide universal insights.


What is OEE?

OEE measures asset utilization by representing the total percentage of time that an asset was truly and fully productive.

What does OEE mean?

OEE means Overall Equipment Effectiveness. It is one of the most common metrics for performance monitoring. The OEE calculation itself provides valuable insights into the efficiency of a production asset, providing an overall, percent-based score for overall asset efficiency and breaking-down that calculation into Availability, Throughput, and Quality components.

What are the 3 components of OEE?

The 3 components of OEE are: Availability, Performance, and Quality together (also referred to as A, P, and Q).

How is OEE calculated?

OEE is calculated by multiplying its three components of Availability, Performance, and Quality together.

Why is OEE important?

OEE is important because manufacturers who use OEE as a performance monitoring tool can expect real-time information on what their manufacturing assets are working on and how well they are performing their work. They can easily identify any bottlenecks and where they may be underperforming.

What does OEE do?

OEE solutions provide insights into how production systems are performing and where to focus attention in order to optimize factory output and drive operational excellence.

Grantek’s OEE Accelerator Solutions: 2 Options to See Results in Days, with No Nonsense Pricing


Grantek’s OEE Accelerator Solutions: 2 Options to See Results in Days, with No Nonsense Pricing

Grantek is happy to offer Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Accelerator Solutions designed to...


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