From a needs assessment, to design, and to integration, Grantek’s Packaging Design and Integration Solutions deliver operational improvements for manufacturers.

As a CSIA certified control system integrator, Grantek understands the importance of the packaging, not only to the manufacturing process, but to the promotion and protection of the brand and the entire enterprise.

Grantek’s packaging experience complements other areas of focus like Label Verification and Agile MES Solutions, allowing Grantek’s Packaging Design and Integration Solution to be a part of an overall Smart Manufacturing plan that will help modernize operations during your Industry 4.0 Digital Transformation.

Beverage Packaging Automation

Grantek’s complete solution for Packaging Design and Integration can provide:

⊙ Process Flow Diagrams – Grantek drafts and produces diagrams that serve as the base of a Packaging Design and Integration plan, this plan helps guide the entire process of operational improvement.

⊙ Floor Layouts and Equipment Drawings – The connections and experience Grantek has with leading equipment manufacturers ensures the right equipment is used, at the right place, for the right component of your packaging system.

⊙ OEM: Review, Prep and Scheduling – Grantek takes the lead to review, draft preparation documents and protocols, schedule, install, commission, start-up and support the equipment that will be utilized on your packaging system.

⊙ Robotics, Conveyance and Simulation – All programming, testing, simulation and commissioning is overseen by Grantek. This ensures your project matches the process flow diagrams, floor layouts and drawings that serve as the cornerstone of these improvements.

⊙ Line Integration – Integration of your Packaging Design and Integration Solution goes beyond just one packaging line. Grantek integrates from the plant floor to the boardroom, allowing benefits from increased awareness and data to guide business decisions across the entire enterprise.


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