Medical Isotopes & Radiopharmaceuticals

⊙ Grantek has been immersed in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and medical devices industries for over four decades. This background positions Grantek to support and deliver solutions in the Medical Isotope & Radiopharmaceutical industry. We are ready to assist with all aspects of radioisotope production. Grantek has experience in solid target processing, radiochemistry, radiopharmaceuticals and packaging.

Grantek can also support facilities through:

  • QBMS – qualified nuclear ventilation systems
  • Waste Management and Storage – short-term/long-term radioactive waste storage from chemistry
  • Clean in Place – cleaning of vessels from chemistry
  • Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems – product tracking prior to shipment
  • Golden Batch – the system to recreate the exact conditions that previously produced the ideal batch
  • Preventive Maintenance – keeping your operations running

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We offer deep expertise in the following areas:

Medical Isotopes

Industry Overview

The Medical Isotope & Radiopharmaceutical industry has unique challenges. The equipment life span is reduced by radioactivity, putting a larger emphasis on redundant controls equipment and spare parts. The time sensitivity of radioisotopes and required automated handling of radioactive materials also create distinctive opportunities for manufactures. Grantek is well positioned to deliver projects in this sector, while also leveraging our expertise in data integrity and product tracking, which has been developed over 40 years of life sciences experience.

Our Approach

Grantek works with its customers to design, implement, and optimize systems for process automation and modernization and manage the information flow throughout the various facilities. We do this by leveraging a wide range of industry standards (ISA-88, ISA-95 and GAMP5) and associations (Professional Engineers, ISPE and MESA).

We also provide thought leadership and consultative solutions to help our customers understand Smart Manufacturing, meet supply chain management issues and comply with strict regulatory requirements.

Medical Isotopes Approach


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