ASRS Retrofits – Upgrade Only What You Need

February 2, 2021

ASRS Retrofits - Upgrade Only What You Need

Two recent plants hit 1 MM pallets in ASRS moves!

Grantek’s extensive experience as a systems integrator in the food and beverage manufacturing industry provides our clients with a unique edge in the development and upgrading of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) commonly used in plants and warehouses. Grantek’s Smart Manufacturing Practice has developed a simple, open-source solution for controlling the ASRS equipment and interfacing it to the facility’s SAP or another enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Customers with older ASRS systems will benefit from new functionality, and refreshed controls hardware on existing mechanical systems. Email or call 866.936.9509 to learn how Grantek’s complete solution for ASRS upgrades can improve your productivity and operations.

Grantek’s complete solution for ASRS can provide:

  • Efficient Migration – Reduced downtime with ASRS controls and software upgraded in days as compared to months of construction for a new crane.
  • Only Upgrade What you Need – If the crane, or crane controls are current then only update the server and WMS system – if not upgrade cranes as needed.
  • Reduced Cost – Upgrading software and controls can be as low as 40%-60% of the cost of replacing the entire crane.
  • Reliable Service & Support – Grantek is able to assess, correct and resolve issues that arise with ASRS solutions.

ASRS Retrofits - Upgrade Only What You Need - Gannt Chart

We understand that each site and system is unique and will require an understanding of custom requirements and a plan to address them in the design. We have extensive knowledge and experience with SAP data structures and we have the programming expertise necessary to allow use of open-source, non-proprietary solutions that simplify system installation, upgrade and maintenance. We can help you construct a new ASRS, engage with ASRS vendors or upgrade to an efficient, open-source system that makes use of off-the-shelf hardware and doesn’t lock you into a vendor going forward.

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