A connected and secure infrastructure is the underlying foundation of all OT systems, from basic data historians to continuous monitoring, cloud-based analytics and beyond. Further, trends towards digitalization and smart manufacturing systems are accelerating. For these reasons, developing the Industrial IT infrastructure – sometimes referred to as Manufacturing IT to support the IIoT Network – is one of the best investments a long-term thinking organization can make.

Expedite Industrial IT Maturity

Organizations – especially those experiencing digitalization for the first time – tend to build their Industrial IT infrastructure in an indirect way. However, the typical path isn’t an optimal one – it is one which can be optimized – and by doing so, the total cost and time required to develop a mature Industrial IT infrastructure can be significantly reduced.

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Industrial IT Solution Components

The overall Industrial IT infrastructure is challenging to plan and maintain; infrastructure ROI is difficult to demonstrate, and the skills and labor required to develop and maintain the infrastructure are high. At the same time, a connected and secure infrastructure is required to implement smart technologies, which is a growing priority for manufacturers. So, to break down the puzzle and make it manageable, the Industrial IT environment can be viewed as the aggregate of three core components – the industrial network, the computing resources, and the security approach to manage risk. Grantek’s Industrial IT services address the entire infrastructure and simplify the journey so organizations can focus on their business.

IT Solution Components Infographic

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