Burlington, ON…

Burlington is the founding office of Grantek. Our Canadian head office started in 1980 from our founder, Doug Grant’s home. Grantek quickly grew from a one-man operation with one client to a large multi-national corporation servicing hundreds of clients. Grantek Burlington moved to a small office location in 1995 with 10 employees and today we are a large team of Engineering, Technology Specialists, and Corporate Employees located at 4480 Harvester Road.

Burlington is located about 30 minutes outside of Toronto and boasts a diverse array of cultures, communities, and recreation. You can catch a pop-fly at a Jays game, grab some street meat and find yourself in the middle of an impromptu street concert. The possibilities are endless in the GTA.

Montreal (St. Laurent, QC)

Grantek Montreal was our first office expansion after opening Grantek Burlington. Opened in 2002, the office focused on a major project for Kraft relocating LifeSavers from Michigan. Grantek Montreal started with 5 employees and currently has over 30 employees.

The office is full of loyal (possibly crazy) Habs fans! The Canadiens represent a culture and almost considered to be a religion, so it is great we have season tickets. We are a very multi-lingual and cultural office. English and French are primary spoken languages but we also have individuals who speak Italian, Persian, Arabic, Swedish and Spanish! We are proud of our city as Montreal is one of the most cultural cities in North America with similarities to that of Europe.

Allentown, PA

The Allentown office opened in 2005 with the relocation of 4 employees from their previous offices to Allentown in support of a large expansion at a local facility. Following the project the office grew at a steady pace from 2005 until 2014 when it was split to form the Cleveland office and the Allentown office under their respective leadership. The Allentown team has moved twice to larger offices to accommodate the growth and is currently in a space designed to accommodate our hiring over the next few years. The office staff can often be found at a Craft beer tasting, at a local sporting event or having an impromptu evening ski trip.

Lehigh Valley is a regional designation for the area including three major cities Allentown, Bethlehem and Easton (and hundreds of small towns/villages). The area is home to approximately 800,000 residents and is the third largest and the fastest growing economy in Pennsylvania. The area is home to many wonderful attractions and historical venues. This includes everything from Dorney Park, The Crayola Factory, the world’s largest non-gated music festival – Musikfest, hundreds of miles of hiking and biking trails and great access to ski areas.

Chicago (Oak Brook, IL)

Grantek started the Midwest office in 2006, completing various projects with food manufacturers in the Midwest. We expanded to open an office in Moline, IL in 2007 when we took on our first new employee. Quickly outgrowing our original space, we moved to Oak Brook, IL in 2008 next to McDonald’s corporate campus. We now have over 20 employees and are actively growing.

Our team is actively involved in the community and often volunteers to teach youth about programming at the local library. When they are not working on client projects or volunteering, you will often find the team having foosball competitions or practicing their putting skills.

Oak Brook is only 25 minutes from downtown Chicago where you can enjoy some of the best food, culture, music and sports in the world. If you haven’t tried a Chicago style hotdog, trust us, you won’t regret it!

Vancouver (Richmond, B.C)

Grantek Vancouver B.C opened its doors in June 2012, with a single employee who had relocated from the Burlington ON office. In the four years since, the team has grown significantly.

British Columbia is home to some of the most beautiful places to live in Canada, and boasts a huge amount of outdoor activity options. Our employees regularly make time to hike, bike, ski, snowboard, kiteboard, fish, and travel into the wilderness of the province – or to challenge each other on the office foosball table! The mighty Fraser River enters the Georgia Strait a short way from our office, and both the North Shore Mountains, and Vancouver Island, can be seen through our windows. Certainly, a work hard, play hard, attitude at Grantek Vancouver.

Cleveland (Solon, OH)

Grantek Cleveland spun off Grantek Allentown in Fall, 2014. We have grown from 3 employees to over 10 and have almost outgrown our current office. Don’t fret, we are expanding our walls to keep growing the team. Solon, OH is 20 minutes from Cleveland, located in one of the best school districts in Ohio.

Cleveland is home of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, A Christmas Story House, many gardens, markets, museums and theaters. There is something for everyone here and Cleveland guarantees a fun experience. Our team in Cleveland is very tight knit and often attends events outside of the office such as the annual Cleveland Indians baseball game. The team also is heavily involved in the Science Olympiad competition where they support youth in their endeavors to learn about STEM.

Los Angeles (Corona, CA)

The Corona office is one of our newest offices, which opened in October 2018. Corona is centrally located at the gate of the Inland Empire, bordering Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego, and receives over 280 days of sunshine in a year.

Did you know California, the Sunshine State, if it were a nation, would be the fifth largest economy in the world? Pharmaceutical, agriculture and food production make up a significant portion of the economy, and Southern California is known as the manufacturing capital of North America.

The location of the Corona office offers endless activities to do during your free time, ranging from year-round surfing, hiking, fishing, golfing, professional sports, music festivals, camping, boating, biking, following the footsteps of your favorite movie stars in the Star Walk of Hollywood, pacing on 42 miles of sandy coastline in the O.C., engaging in an weekend afternoon of wine-tasting in Temecula, taking off on off-road adventures in the Mojave desert and even skiing and snowboarding! That’s right, in fact in the winter you can ski/snowboard in Big Bear Lake and surf in Newport Beach in the same day! As Grantek prioritizes our work life balance and promotes healthy lifestyles, this is one of the best places for your professional career and free time!

Miami (Weston, FL)

Grantek opened it’s South Florida office in 2017 and the location has been thriving. In two years, we have more than doubled in size and see significant growth ahead of us. Our office here has a good mix of local work (much of it within 30 miles), semi-local work (a few hours drive), and regional work throughout the South East and across North America. We are a very unique company in this region and the only CSIA integrator in South Florida.

South Florida is a beautiful place to live and has many unique advantages – we have some of the best beaches in the world which leads to a lot of outdoor activities, there is a very active cycling scene, and we are a stone’s throw from Miami if you crave night life or world class cultural events such as Art Basel. For those with a family, cities such as Weston, where the office is located, have some of the best schools in the state.

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