Grantek Delivers Your Siemens PCS 7 Project

May 3, 2021

Grantek Delivers Your Siemens PCS 7 Project

Grantek’s years of experience as a Siemens partner provides our clients with an advantage when integrating, implementing, integrating and upgrading Siemens PCS 7 projects. Grantek’s Life Sciences practice has developed a complete suite of offerings to assist PCS 7 projects from support, assessment, virtualization, execution, management to overall system protection. Email or call 866.936.9509 to learn how you can leverage Grantek’s Siemens PCS 7 experience.

Grantek Delivers Your Siemens PCS 7 Project

Grantek can Assist Your PCS 7 Project With:

  • Complete Solution for Process Control – More Flexibility, Scalability, Availability and Safety in Process Automation.
  • Batch & Material Management – Simple, Flexible and Scalable: Compliant Batch Automation.
  • Templated Phases, Customizable – Sets up Your Facility for the Future with More Security, Proactive Lifecycle Management and Innovative Plant Engineering.
  • Library Based for Easy Expansion – The Advanced Process Library (APL) Promotes User-Friendliness and Safety While Also Minimizing the Engineering Effort and Costs.
  • Staff Augmentation, Project Support – Engineering, Testing, Pre-Qualification, Production Support.
  • Managed Services – Project Engineering Support, System Configuration, System Design, System Architecture, Network and Process Control System Security.


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Grantek Delivers Your Siemens PCS 7 Project

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