Grantek Releases Engineer in a Box

April 2, 2020

Engineer in a Box

Engineer in a Box is a solution providing stability during the uncertainty of COVID-19. Grantek will ship you a small industrial PC (din-rail mount form factor) with cellular connection capabilities. Whenever it’s needed, the hardware then gets powered up, and connected to an ethernet switch anywhere on your OT network. It can be disconnected when the issue is resolved.

Secure Integration
Trusted software and hardware with Grantek’s service and support combine to create the Engineer in a Box solution during COVID-19, without sacrificing security. In fact, the platform this is built upon is used for enterprise wide solutions in the utility sector.

Scaleable In Real Time
Once normal operations return, Engineer in a Box can be used for long-term, multi-facility solutions. Grantek already does this for our clients’ IT groups.

Reliable Across Your Operations
Engineer in a Box will be on-hand in case an emergency comes up, and you need to give a vendor remote access to an aspect of your operations quickly.

For more information, or details on how Engineer in a Box can help your operations, please contact Grantek at or (866) 936-9509.

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