Grantek’s Jacob Chapman Answers What is Edge Architecture? for ISA

June 9, 2021

Grantek’s Jacob Chapman Answers What is Edge Architecture? for ISA

ISA Interchange, the official blog of the International Society of Automation (ISA) features an article on Edge Computing. This article, titled: “What is Edge Architecture?“, was written by Jacob Chapman, Grantek’s Director of Industrial IT & Cybersecurity. Jacob also serves as the Chairman of ISA’s Cybersecurity Committee of Smart Manufacturing & IIoT Division.

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“A typical way to define the edge is to say “near the process that’s generating data.” But exactly where that is can vary based on the system or process. For that reason, it is best to think of “the edge” in relation to the distributed system as a whole. For example, a remote control center that’s monitoring a fleet of solar energy facilities may consider the entire solar facility to be the “edge” of the system’s architecture. In contrast, a cloud-based OEE system monitoring manufacturing processes would consider production units to be the “edge,” rather than the entire facility. The physical location of “the edge” is not important; it is more about identifying the sources of data and points of consumption.”
– ISA Interchange, May 2021

As a member of the ISA-99 Working Group, Jacob assisted with the development of IEC-62443-2-1 Cybersecurity Standards. IEC-62443-2-1 defines the elements necessary to establish a cyber security management system (CSMS) for industrial automation and control systems (IACS) and provides guidance on how to develop those elements.

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