Grantek’s Sam Russem Shares “A Better, Faster OEE Solution to Enable Your Continuous Improvement Journey” on Inductive Automation’s Blog

January 10, 2022

Grantek’s Sam Russem Shares “A Better, Faster OEE Solution to Enable Your Continuous Improvement Journey” on Inductive Automation’s Blog

Inductive Automation’s Blog features a guest post which discusses Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and the connection to Inductive Automation’s Ignition platform. OEE is one of the most popular metrics for measuring asset performance and manufacturing efficiencies. OEE measures Availability, Performance, and Quality to evaluate whether an asset is running on schedule, at the desired throughput, and without producing defective products. This article, titled: “A Better, Faster OEE Solution to Enable Your Continuous Improvement Journey”, was written by Sam Russem, Senior Director of Smart Manufacturing Solutions at Grantek.

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“With OEE being a key measure focused on equipment and process reliability improvement, improving this measurement of how well your production equipment operates will result in immediate benefits on the plant floor. However, by utilizing Ignition in the pursuit of OEE improvement, you will also benefit from the modular connectivity of this solution. This allows you to see a ripple effect of enhanced operations across your entire enterprise. This natural connectivity will go beyond the production floor, by delivering data and insights that can also help guide business decisions and opportunities for growth.”
Inductive Automation Blog, January 2022

Inductive Automation also named a Grantek project a 2021 Ignition Community Conference (ICC) Discover Gallery finalist. The Discover Gallery is a video showcase of the most exceptional real-world Ignition applications built by the members of the global Ignition community. The 2021 ICC Virtual Discover Gallery is the best place to see world-class real Ignition projects from many industries and countries.

Inductive Automation is a supplier of web-based industrial automation software based in Folsom, CA. Grantek holds the rare Premier Integrator and Enterprise Integrator distinctions with Inductive Automation due to our strong thought leadership and repeatable methodology for delivering successful projects built on the Ignition platform. Our team includes dozens of engineers across North America who are trained and certified in Ignition and the accompanying MES modules by Sepasoft.

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