Data and analytics have become vital for all businesses looking to stay competitive. Grantek’s Life Sciences Data Warehousing Solutions help manufacturers make sense of their data and use it to guide their operating decisions.

Grantek has been immersed in the life sciences industry for over four decades, resulting in a deep understanding of the operations and regulatory requirements of pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and medical devices manufacturing.

Being able to utilize data correctly increases productivity while also allowing for decisions to be made in real-time.

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Grantek’s complete solution for Life Sciences Data Warehousing can provide:

⊙ Informed Decision Making – Grantek’s Life Sciences Data Warehousing solution puts you in the best position to use the data your facility generates to make the best business decision for your facility and enterprise.

⊙ Data Warehouse Architecture – A data warehouse architecture is made up of three tiers, and Grantek is able to position you to take advantage of the entire data warehousing stack. The bottom tier is the database server, where data is inputted and stored. The middle tier comprises an analytics engine that is used to access and analyze the data. The top tier is the front-end visualization system that presents results through analysis and reporting.

⊙ Historical Data Analysis – Grantek’s Life Sciences Data Warehousing solution allows you to look back into historical data to analyze trends and identify opportunities for facility optimization.

⊙ Data Consistency, Quality and Accuracy – Data Warehousing only works when the data can be trusted. Grantek’s Life Sciences Data Warehousing solution is built around capturing high quality, consistent and accurate data.

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