To implement smart systems and take advantage of their benefits, organizations increasingly rely on industrial network infrastructure. However, achieving a complete, managed, and secure network is a challenge. To make progress, it is critical to develop a plant-wide strategy with a shared vision for OT and IT to pursue.

Focused on the Big Picture

Rather than viewing network hardware as the sub-components of control systems, identify your network as its own system which the various control systems run on top of, and rely on. Thinking differently helps to build a cohesive strategy for the entire facility and implement the right solutions.

Industrial Networking Infographic

Progress the Larger Strategy

Like any system that’s critical to your business, the industrial network should be developed to facilitate meeting long-term business goals and future-proofing the infrastructure.

Industrial Networking Strategy Infographic

Keep the Organization on Track

It’s understood that robust infrastructure is necessary for improving operations, however teams stumble into common traps when trying to execute.

Keys to Success Infographic

Leverage Grantek to Empower Your Teams

Grantek’s Industrial Networking services are designed to help both IT and OT teams collaboratively meet the organization’s goals along all steps of the journey.

Industrial Computing Infographic

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