Products from Grantek: Delivering Your Desired Manufacturing Outcome with Faster Time-to-Value, Futureproofing, and Unmatched Industry Experience

July 22, 2022

Products from Grantek: Delivering Your Desired Manufacturing Outcome with Faster Time-to-Value, Futureproofing, and Unmatched Industry Experience

Grantek, a manufacturing consultant and system integrator, is expanding its offerings to create productized offerings that will provide desired outcomes with faster time-to-value for manufacturers. This expansion will allow Grantek’s clients to benefit from performance tested products that are built to integrate with existing systems on the production floor. These products are also built with connectivity across multiple manufacturing sites, or even the entire enterprise, in mind.

With over 40 years of experience delivering plant floor solutions, Grantek is able to leverage the insight learned from working with leading manufacturers in Food & Beverage, CPG and Life Sciences. The four initial products Grantek is offering reflect the unmatched industry expertise Grantek has acquired. Grantek’s Label Verification Solution, OEE Accelerator, Engineer in a Box, and Label Printer Control Solution are each built around providing a proven desired outcome and fast time-to-value.

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This Solution can also confirm packaging against actual Quality Specs and the Bill of Material. To do this Grantek uses Industry standard hardware, which ensures flexibility for the future. Grantek’s Label Verification Solution provides limited to no loss of plant footprint, instead of an OEM conveyor/camera system, we mount on the line, saving valuable plant floorspace.

Grantek’s Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Accelerator delivers a strong foundation for IgnitionTM MES deployments with fast time-to-value. You will get immediate results and returns, but it is also designed for flexibility and scalability to adapt to your unique process, business case, and factory environment. Understanding how manufacturing systems and assets are performing is one of the first steps to real-time operational insights, identifying opportunities for improvement, and intelligent Smart Manufacturing initiatives.

Grantek’s Engineer in a Box is a secure remote access device powered by Dispel’s Moving Target Defense technology. Engineer in a Box is designed to help operators, vendors, and OEMs respond to access limitations related to staffing issues, COVID-19 restrictions or any other limitation.

Grantek’s Label Printer Control Solution controls multiple vendor printers, laser code daters, print-and-apply labelers and other packaging marking equipment together from a modern, intuitive IgnitionTM based application screen. Grantek’s LPC integrates with your conveyors, upstream equipment, reject systems and Grantek’s Label Verification Solution to provide complete control of your packaging lines from one single common, modern interface.

Grantek has appointed industry experts to design, create and develop these products. David McKenna, Director of Smart Manufacturing Solutions and Ruben Yousuf, Director of Product Engineering have created Grantek’s Label Verification Solution and Label Printer Control Solution.

Sam Russem, Sr. Director of Smart Manufacturing Solutions and Huck Bales, Director of Product Engineering will be leading Grantek’s OEE Accelerator. Grantek’s Engineer in a Box is managed by Jeff Hekmati, Director of Product Engineering and Arthur Laszczewski, Associate Director or Smart Manufacturing Solutions.

About Grantek:
For over 40 years, top manufacturers in Food & Beverage, CPG and Life Sciences/Pharmaceuticals have called upon Grantek to solve their most complex business and manufacturing challenges. Grantek automates Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage manufacturing operations, including integration with business systems for seamless solutions. Grantek helps customers meet the stringent requirements and challenges of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Grantek is a system integrator and solution provider with a specialization in Smart Manufacturing solutions, Manufacturing Automation solutions, Industrial IT/Cybersecurity solutions and Manufacturing Consulting services.

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