In addition to over 40 years of integration experience, a talented, highly-trained engineering staff, and with our status as a CSIA certified partner, Grantek brings industry-standard project management skills to every project we do. Our project management team consists certified members of the Project Management Institute (PMI®) and we follow industry best practices including the Grantek developed Project Management Methodology (PMM).

Grantek’s PMM is tailored specific to our areas of specialty including both regulated and non-regulated industries: pharmaceuticals (GAMP), food and beverage, consumer packaged goods, and energy as well as broad industries having needs for machine safety, smart manufacturing (SPC/OEE), and industrial IT. Having extensive experience in these areas, Grantek has evolved processes to address the unique requirements in each area.

For larger projects, a dedicated Grantek Project Manager leads for the duration of the project, bringing continuity to all phases of the project from initial project planning to project completion. This includes process and packaging design, OEM and skid manufacturer coordination, FAT / SAT document preparation and execution, contractor management, and we design the information systems to connect to the enterprise. For small projects, a Grantek Client Services Manager owns the project.

Regardless of project size or scope, Grantek project management and our PMM ensure that customer needs are met and that the right people are part of the Grantek project team.

After the project is complete, follow-up work and support requests are also handled by the Client Services Manager, except for emergency calls, which are directed to our Support Team.

Grantek has an internal Project Management Office (PMO) to help ensure that all of our pharmaceutical project management and industrial project management projects are consistently executed, follow the Project Management Methodology and that the earned value for each project is tracked and managed appropriately. We also offer Project Management as a service for customers who may not wish to act as the general contractor for automation or information projects.

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