Safety is a primary concern for all companies when it comes to operations and design engineering. Grantek understands the importance of safety, especially when integrating any system – safe design is one of the best investments a company can make.

Grantek helps companies navigate the complex regulatory requirements for Safety through industry consensus standards, automation and engineering expertise, and leadership in industry best practices. It is Grantek’s policy to perform a Safety Risk Assessment on every project. Accounting for safety at the beginning of a project process saves money for our clients in the long run, as it allows improvements in safety and the use of new technology to improve productivity.

Grantek’s documentation services leave our clients with peace of mind and the confidence they need to demonstrate a safe and compliant workplace. Risk Reduction Plans and Safety Requirement Specifications are completed to establish a clear set of expectations before beginning a remediation project. Grantek also provides formal Verification and Validation documentation to ensure correct design and commissioning after each project is complete. As part of our clients’ overall safety management programs, Grantek also provides safety training, develops safe work procedures, develops Lockout/Tagout procedures, and conducts annual/bi-annual audits to ensure all safety systems are functioning correctly.

Industrial Safety Solutions – Regulatory Solutions

Grantek has a team of TÜV certified Functional Safety Engineers on staff. Grantek is a participant and voting member on both the ANSI B11 and the ASSE Z244.1 Accredited Standards Committees. Grantek has contributed to the most recent revisions of ANSI B11.19 Performance Criteria for Safeguarding , ANSI B11.20 Safety Requirements for Integrated Manufacturing Systems , and ASSE Z244.1 Control of Hazardous Energy – Lockout/Tagout and Alternative Methods .

To ensure clients are maintaining a safe environment, Grantek’s Industrial Safety Capabilities include:

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