Video from ICC’17: Traceability with Ignition and the Sepasoft MES Modules

October 16, 2017

ICC 2017 Presentation


Recorded in September 2017 at Inductive Automation’s ICC’17 in Folsom, CA. Grantek’s Chief Innovation Officer and Director of Consulting, Ian Tooke, shared how to use the power of MES by Sepasoft and Inductive Automation to improve food safety and traceability. Examples of where integrated MES technology makes the biggest impact, and ensuring truth in labeling, product quality, and traceability automatically on the plant floor were also discussed.

About the Presenter:
Ian Tooke is the Chief Innovation Officer at Grantek and was previously Grantek’s Director of Consulting Services. Grantek is an Ignition v7.9 Gold Certified Integrator with Premier Status. Ian’s team lead the efforts at Grantek to understand the Food Safety Modernization Act. The team has developed a tactical approach to understanding an end customer’s operations, and also develop a very systematic approach to understanding WHAT technologies to use and HOW to use them to achieve your goals for meeting the requirements of the Food Safety Modernization Act. Also, Ian sits on the MESA International Board of Directors.

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