VIDEO – Label Verification Webinar: Protect Your Brand with Cognex, Inductive Automation and Label Verification from Grantek

November 10, 2021

Webinar Promotion

Grantek has released a new video. Grantek’s Smart Bakery Solutions: Smart Manufacturing Benefits That Go Beyond Food & Beverage During Your Industry 4.0 Transformation is available by clicking here. This video is your chance to hear from David McKenna, Director of Smart Manufacturing Solutions at Grantek, Dr. Joe Baumert, Director of the Food Allergy Research & Resource Program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Andy Abramson, Director of Client Success at Grantek. Ezekiel Habab, Grantek’s Lead Systems Designer, was also on-hand to address technical concerns.

From the plant fl­oor to the boardroom, Grantek provides a complete solution for Label Verification. As a CSIA certified control system integrator, Grantek knows that automated product validation is critical to regulatory compliance and quality control. Real-time live images, stored missed images, and an intuitive user interface provide maintenance and operators with all the information needed for seamless integration into any existing production line, or as part of a new installation. Our solution is in alignment with American & Canadian regulations, helping you mitigate the Food Safety risk with undeclared allergens. Email or call 866.936.9509 to learn how Grantek’s complete solution for Label Verification can protect your customers and your brand.

At Grantek, Smart Manufacturing is much more than just a process – we take a holistic approach to designing, deploying, and managing enterprise manufacturing operations, allowing companies to utilize informed and timely data to make in-depth decisions. Grantek assists companies in achieving Smart Manufacturing through a collection of advanced manufacturing technologies and processes. Our advanced engineering teams help improve energy efficiency, reduce risk, and speed up time to market through increasingly agile decision making, fueled by our ability to capture and integrate data at all levels of the enterprise.

Topics Include:

  • Stop 35% of Recalls by using Label Verification Solutions from Grantek.
  • Right SKU, Right Packaging.
  • How to Update Your Brownfield Site with Limited or No Floorspace?
  • How to Guard Against Vendor Packaging Mistakes?
  • Cognex and Inductive Automation – Platforms that don’t Lock you into Proprietary Hardware/Software and Service Contracts.

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