Wondering What to Do With Your Scanners and Printers in Clean Rooms?

July 24, 2017

Systec and Solutions Printer Enclosure

There is no shortage of scanners suitable for use in clean rooms. But what about the charging and base stations that go with them? In addition to being difficult to clean, their inadequate IP rating and design-related edges often make them inappropriate for clean room zones. Every flat battery means having to move the scanner to a less sensitive area and then returning it to the clean room through an airlock again afterwards. The same applies to label printers. The hygiene regulations and inadequate IP rating again mean that these cannot necessarily be used in a clean room environment.

To solve this problem, Systec & Solutions have developed IP65 stainless steel casings specially for clean rooms. Systec & Solutions offers best in class GMP-IT hardware configurations of PC’s, servers, HMI’s (Human Machine Interfaces), keyboards, printers, scanners and more for clean room  applications in the pharma and biotech industries. Grantek is the exclusive North American distributor for Systec & Solutions products.

The SCANNER BOX (outer dimensions: W 470/ H 260/ D 265) for example provides space and protection for up to four scanner or two multi-charging stations. Inside there is an opening for feeding-in cables as well as an additional partition for integrating the power supply units. The door of the easy-clean SCANNER BOX features a toggle lock and a viewing window. The back wall is screwed on and can quickly be detached for performing service work.

The Systec & Solutions PRINTER BOX also ensures reliable and convenient operation in clean rooms. The stainless steel casing is available in different sizes (outer dimensions: W 400 /H 400/ D 600 or W 450/ H 540/ D 600) and is ideal for storing and working with a label printer in a clean room. The door is provided with an additional flap for removing labels and is fastened with a toggle lock. The inside of the PRINTER BOX is of practical design with a multiple-socket outlet for connection of the printer. The printer can be pulled out on a shelf for easy paper replacement. Connections on the back for power, USB, RS232 or Ethernet provide flexibility for clean room applications.

To learn more about how these products can help your operations, please visit: https://grantek.com/solutions/systec-solutions/.

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