Control panels house your system’s Power Distribution, Motor Control, PLCs, Safety Circuits and Communications components. Grantek has operated our own dedicated panel fabrication shop for over 20 years. Having a dedicated fabrication shop ensures that our clients get a quality control panel and we can accommodate tight timelines and alterations with little to no impact to cost.

Grantek panels are built with the client’s standard components, practices and specifications. Our designers will adapt to the customers typical set of schematics, electrical interconnect diagrams, and bills of material or implement our own standards if required.

We conduct an extensive QA inspection on the panels before they leave our shop. Testing typically includes checking connections, grounds, powering up the panel, configuring and testing frequency/servo drives, checking voltages to ensure that they match the job requirements, and testing the operation of the emergency stops. We then carefully pack and ship the panels to the site.

Grantek will work with your plant maintenance staff and/or the local electrical contractor of your choice answering any questions that may arise during installation of our systems and it’s equipment. Our panel design engineers and fabricators’ experience allows us to work seamlessly with local electrical contractors. If a customer does not have a local contractor or does not wish to manage the local electrical contractors, Grantek can help with that as well, by locating a qualified contractor and/or providing a single point of contact for the electrical work if the customer prefers.

As a courtesy, Grantek has supplied addition wire number heat shrink labels to the electrical installers to help save them precious time and maintain consistency when working with our panels. All drawings follow your specifications so that they will be familiar and easy for your plant maintenance staff to follow.

The panels we fabricate are fully warrantied. We use only high-quality components from reputable manufacturers—we never use cut-rate components to reduce cost. We prefer to design panels for long, trouble-free operation by using nothing but the highest quality components and materials. We prewire as much as possible at our shops, and typically use anti-vibration terminals to reduce the possibility of terminals loosening during shipment, eliminate the extra work of retightening the terminals onsite.

All panels used are UL and CSA approved. Our work is compliant with US and Canadian electrical codes. Grantek pre-stages our designs, including fabricated panels, prior to installation to ensure that your specifications are met and the system functions as designed. In addition, we perform factory acceptance tests (FAT) at our facility for all panels that will be installed in a pharmaceutical environment to ensure fit, function and compliance when the panels are installed at the manufacturing facility.

At installation and initial startup, Grantek is onsite to train the operators and maintenance staff to ensure a comfort level with the new or modified system.