Wonderware to RSViewSE

August 9, 2016

FactoryTalk View


A large food manufacturer that produces corn dogs wanted to convert a Wonderware supervisory HMI to a distributed FactoryTalk View SE HMI application.


The client was concerned with the stability of an aging Wonderware supervisory HMI. This HMI was used to manage setpoints throughout their entire process, including recipe setpoints. The system also provided alarming and trending of critical process data. The client was concerned with a catastrophic failure that would leave them without access to their critical data. They requested the services of Grantek to convert the application to the latest version of FactoryTalk View SE.


The original Wonderware application ran on desktop computers located through the facility. The applications were hosted locally on each computer. As part of the conversion process, Grantek procured a View SE server, a Historian SE server, and a VantagePoint/Metrics server.

The converted supervisory HMI was hosted on the View SE server and was accessed by thin clients that replaced the desktop PCs throughout their facility. Moving the application to an HP-managed server provided the client with the security and support they were looking for. Regular backups and other server maintenance are performed by HP on a regular basis.

In addition to securing their critical supervisory HMI application, Grantek also provided FactoryTalk Historian, Metrics, and VantagePoint. While only Historian was utilized in this project to historize important process data, Metrics and VantagePoint empowered the client to gather more production data in the future.

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