Machine Safety Case Study

August 9, 2016



A large beer manufacturer based in North America planned a safety upgrade to thousands of their critical assets. The project offered an opportunity to upgrade both mechanical guarding and machine safety devices including panel components. Meeting and exceeding safety standards in the workplace is a key element of the corporate culture for our client.


Reducing access to hazards on thousands of assets while maintaining production levels and maintenance schedules presented several potential challenges. Implementing upgrades on multiple machines per plant during scheduled maintenance periods required coordination of all project deliverables, plant activities and resources.  The client looked for a partner that could manage the large-scale project, interface with many disciplines in their organization and drive adherence to corporate standards consistently across all sites.  Grantek had successfully completed a number of large-scale projects for several global manufacturers, and brought this competency to the client.


Grantek collaborated with the client to develop a project methodology that insured success. Several factors were identified as critical for success: documentation, roles and responsibilities, coordination of all disciplines, and a well-thought-out risk reduction plan including a detailed mechanical electrical design and installation plan.  A well-defined methodology, with milestones understood by all, insured that everyone involved was synchronized in their efforts.

Grantek met with Engineering, Production, Maintenance, and Safety teams during the risk assessment.  Thoroughly understanding the needs and expectations of all disciplines was crucial to developing the risk reduction plan that included both electrical and mechanical upgrades.   Developing a design that not only met the safety goals, but was cost effective in both fabrication and installation was important to the client.  A solution was developed and installed very efficiently and was extremely well received by all disciplines.  Confidence in thorough pre-work and quick installation allows the client to now schedule installations even during shorter maintenance periods.

By managing the financial goals and providing continuous improvement in project methodology and implementation, Grantek is successfully reducing the per-machine-cost of the project and exceeding the clients’ expectations.

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