Grantek Expert Contributes to ISPE Baseline Guide Vol. 8: Pharma 4.0

January 11, 2024

Grantek Expert Contributes to ISPE Baseline Guide Vol. 8: Pharma 4.0

Bryon Hayes, Grantek’s Industry 4.0 Consultant, is a contributing author of the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE)’s Baseline Pharmaceutical Engineering Guide Vol. 8: Pharma 4.0. This recently released guide is a repository of technology definitions and technical principles, containing 35 real-world case studies to guide pharma and life sciences organizations exploring digital transformation opportunities. Bryon is a life sciences industry leading expert, he has also been appointed to the ISPE Canada Affiliate Board of Directors for 2023-2024.

Access the ISPE Baseline Guide Vol 8: Pharma 4.0 1st Edition

With the influx of new technologies on the plant floor and in the flow of work, the industry must think progressively about how organizations will work in the future. Organizations seeking to transform will embrace new technologies, move to a true end-to-end focus for their products and processes, and engage and utilize their people in new ways. Such an approach requires a systematic, systemic, and holistic transformation of the organization and its people.

However, implementing digital technologies and initiating successful digitalization projects is a challenging process. Research indicates that most organizations do not achieve their transformation objectives, and those who do have difficulty sustaining their successes. The ISPE Baseline® Guide: Pharma 4.0™ provides the structural capabilities framework needed for realizing successful and lasting transformations. It contains tools and advice for companies in achieving their digitization and financial goals while maintaining/improving product quality and meeting regulatory requirements and expectations. In addition, this Guide outlines various starting points, prerequisites, governance structures, and strategies for achieving transformational success tailored to an organization’s size, risk tolerance, flexibility, and maturity level. The Industrial Digital Transformation is more than just an approach to implement digital technologies; it is a shift in mindset and a fundamental shift in the way companies operate their business to deliver value for patients and customers. Smart organizations will not only have capabilities but will also be highly adaptable.

ISPE is a nonprofit association serving its members by leading scientific, technical, and regulatory advancement throughout the entire pharmaceutical lifecycle. ISPE is the global industry leader in connecting pharmaceutical knowledge to deliver manufacturing innovation, supply chain resilience, operational excellence, and regulatory insights to advance industry efforts to develop, manufacture, and reliably deliver quality medicines to patients.

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