Grantek Expert to Deliver Virtual Training for the American Society of Safety Professionals

June 9, 2020

American Society of Safety Professionals

Grantek’s Jeff Winter will be delivering Assessing Machine Guarding Virtual Training on behalf of the Three Rivers Chapter of the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP). This virtual training will be on Friday, June 12, 2020 at 12:45pmET.

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Every year hundreds of workers throughout the U.S. are killed or suffer life changing injuries due to machines guarding issues. This presentation will assist the attendees in identifying and assessing machine guarding issues. Helpful standards, risk assessment tools, and recommendations that can be used to guide this process will be discussed. If you’re interested in conducting machine guarding reviews or simply want to learn more about this important topic, you won’t want to miss this virtual presentation.

Jeff will discuss:

  1. Applicable machine guarding regulations
  2. Applicable industry standards and how they can be used to demonstrate compliance
  3. Risk Assessment & Risk Reduction Process
  4. Available Risk Reduction Measures


About Jeff Winter:
Jeff Winter, Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives at Grantek, leads Grantek’s Strategic Initiatives Group. Jeff also has over 10 years as a machine safety expert, he has unique experience in bridging OSHA regulatory compliance and standards interpretation with engineering requirements and corporate safety strategy. Jeff is a TÜV Functional Safety Engineer, Board Certified Safety Professional, voting member of ANSI B11 Accredited Standards Committee, and officer for ASSP.

About ASSP:
ASSP is a global association for occupational safety and health professionals. For more than 100 years, we have provided education, standards development, advocacy and a professional community to support the advancement of our members and the profession as a whole. Our members are dedicated to creating safe work environments by preventing workplace fatalities, injuries and illnesses. Sound safety practices are both socially responsible and good business, leading to increased productivity, a better reputation and higher employee satisfaction.

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