Grantek to Present at Flexible MES, Sepasoft’s Virtual Conference

September 10, 2021

Grantek to Present at Flexible MES, Sepasoft’s Virtual Conference

Grantek will present at Sepasoft’s 2021 Virtual Conference, Flexible MES on September 23, 2021. Grantek will join our client SiO2 to present “Business Systems Connectivity with Grantek & SiO2”. Sepasoft MES solutions solve the challenges with controlling, tracking, and documenting the transformation of raw materials into finished goods, in real-time.

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Ryan Thompson, Grantek’s Director of Client Success, will join John Blalock, Director of Information Services at SiO2 and Jesse Records, MES Design Consultant at Sepasoft for this presentation.

In the past, business systems integration involved a number of hurdles, including complex configurations and expensive middleware. In this session, Sepasoft will demonstrate how we’ve removed these potential barriers with our Business Connector Suite. Learn more about how the Business Connector Suite enables seamless integration between your enterprise systems and your Ignition-powered manufacturing floor. As part of the Business Connector Suite, the Sepasoft Business Connector allows for rapid and accurate communication with the Web Services Module, with full support for secure RESTful and SOAP communications.

Sepasoft’s free virtual conference explores the topic of Flexible MES. This free virtual conference will explore new possibilities to evolve your MES architecture quickly and more robustly than ever before. From controlling critical processes and procedures to tracking quality and performance, Sepasoft’s new ISA-88 Batch and Procedure Module and other solutions empower manufacturers to create a flexible and efficient production environment.

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