Manufacturing Efficiency Leader, Grantek, Invests in Rockwell Automation’s RAPID Line Integration

January 7, 2013

Rockwell Automation - Rapid Line Integration

Grantek’s strategic investment in RAPID Line Integration training ensures leading manufacturing expertise in the configurable line control solution to decrease cost of deploying and optimizing manufacturing equipment

NEWS RELEASE – Toronto, Ontario – January 8, 2013Manufacturing efficiency leader, Grantek Systems Integration, is excited to announce investment in training on Rockwell Automation’s RAPID line integration. Grantek is the only Rockwell Automation Information Solution Provider to date that has received RAPID line integration training.

RAPID line integration is a configurable line control solution with built-in line performance management. Rockwell’s line integration approach provides:

  • User configurable line control
  • Built-in machine and line performance
  • Standard manufacturing equipment interface

This flexible approach to integrated discrete manufacturing allows for single location setup, control, and analysis of the performance of an entire manufacturing line. This approach lowers the cost of deploying and optimizing manufacturing equipment while providing a platform that interfaces with production machines and manufacturing IT systems in a consistent manner.

“Grantek is the only Rockwell Automation Information Solution Provider to date that has received training, giving us a head start to benefit some of our key customers. RAPID allows us to bring accelerated value around OEE, Performance Management and Root Cause Analysis to our progressive customer base,” remarked Ian Tooke, Grantek’s manufacturing IT practice manager.

Grantek chose to train on RAPID line integration to provide leadership and expertise for Grantek’s customer base in the field of improved line integration and manufacturing cost reduction. Grantek solicited feedback from its customers and discovered a primary manufacturing optimization concern was that start-ups took too long and integration costs were too high. Grantek explored options to resolve these manufacturing issues and discovered that RAPID brings the following benefits to customers:

  • Allows new and modified lines to achieve target production levels and move into optimization phase sooner,
  • Helps manufacturers to be first to market with a new product which significantly impacts market share and profits over the life of the product, and
  • Reduces the return on investment payback period.

Grantek’s completed training has positioned Grantek to understand and implement RAPID line integration advance features to the benefit of Grantek’s manufacturing customers including:

  • Line balancing,
  • Advance reporting,
  • Recipe management,
  • Changeover management, and
  • Energy reporting.
Integrated Line Control and Performance Management, RSTechED 2012 Session MB07 from Rockwell Automation

“At Grantek, our mission is to be the voice of operational excellence in the manufacturing industry in order to help our manufacturing customers achieve reduced operational costs and improved market share,” said Dave Patterson, owner of Grantek Systems Integration. “In addition to RAPID line integration training, we have recently developed an Operational Excellence Blueprint as a free download which has already helped many manufacturers assess their manufacturing operations to find areas to improve profitability.”

Grantek delivers operational excellence from strategy through execution. Grantek’s has a team of trained experts with extensive experience in the manufacturing and ERP environments. Grantek sees the whole plant floor and understands manufacturing operations from plant floor to head office.

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