6 Steps to a Successful Large-Scale Plant Safety System Upgrade

January 30, 2013

When implementing a large-scale plant safety system upgrade, it is important to follow a very clear procedure which leaves no stone unturned – from initial conversation to final validation and everything in between. At Grantek, we follow a Safety Project Methodology of managing many machines at multiple facilities and coordinating production and maintenance schedules to achieve efficiencies in the plant safety roll-out.

To successfully implement a large-scale plant safety system upgrade, we follow a very clear procedure which has delivered results for our manufacturing clients.  We’ve outlined these steps here but be sure to click through the complete plant safety implementation slideshare deck to get the full details of all of the steps.

Plant Safety – Step 1: Initial Engagement & Education

Understanding the applicable safety standards and available products are key to initiating a large plant safety implementation project. However, understanding the Safety Project Methodology is equally as important. It is critical for manufacturers to set expectations for the project including:

  • Understanding the steps to completing a safety upgrade,
  • Budgeting for a safety upgrade project,
  • Scheduling and coordinating production and maintenance,
  • Defining the core team and the extended team – internal & external,
  • Planning for continued safety compliance.

Plant Safety – Step 2: Steps to Success

Also imperative to a successful implementation is to identify and analyze the following steps to success:

  • The Risk Assessment,
  • The Remediation Plan,
  • The Preliminary Engineering,
  • Design/Build Process,
  • Installation,
  • Test and Validate, and
  • Documentation to achieve Certificate of Safety Compliance.

Plant Safety – Step 3: Project Methodology

Put together a Project Methodology Document which details:

  • Who will be responsible for the various tasks?
  • What needs to get accomplished throughout the process – for each machine and for each location?
  • When will tasks be done?  Although sometimes a moving target, this documents the sequence of activities and can be used for project statuses.
  • Where will implementations take place? Especially important with multiple locations to help coordinate implementation resources.
  • Why are we performing a safety upgrade?  A project mission statement. It is important for all stakeholders to understand and get behind the purpose of the project.
  • How will the safety upgrade project be executed? This helps clarify scope of the project.

Plant Safety – Step 4: Project Management Controls

In this step, it is critical to have the controls, assessments and subject-matter experts to confirm excellence in execution of the steps to success in Step 2. This is to ensure that the project is:

  • Implemented to current standards and specifications which helps identify any hazards and risk along the way,
  • Achieving engagement of all stakeholders,
  • Documented clearly,
  • Coordinated efficiently and effectively taking into consideration scheduling, resources, and materials, and
  • Debugged,tested and validated.

Plant Safety – Step 5: Documenting the Completed Safety Upgrade Project

This step is a compilation of all of the necessary documentation including user manuals, maintenance manuals, training records, site acceptance test and certificate of compliance.

Plant Safety – Step 6: Change Management

According to the change management model, to effect change and maintain compliance, it is necessary to continuously examine, develop, implement and measure. To successfully implement a safety upgrade project, change management is key. A change management system needs to be set up to track historical modifications and maintain test records.

Successfully Implement a Large-Scale Safety Upgrade by Following these Steps

By following these steps, you can achieve success in implementing your next safety upgrade. With guidance from an expert manufacturing systems integrator, this massive undertaking can be a smooth and efficiency process to help you achieve your safety and manufacturing operational excellence goals.

To find out more, check out the complete details in the Large-Scale Safety Upgrade Implementation slideshare deck or contact us and we’d be happy to walk you through the process.

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