Global Beverage Manufacturer Partners with Grantek to Upgrade Manufacturing Safety Circuitry to Exceed Manufacturing Safety Standards

December 11, 2013

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Operational Excellence & Continuous Improvement in Manufacturing Achieved by Grantek Implementation

The Project

A global beverage manufacturer planned an upgrade to safety circuits on thousands of assets. The project offered an opportunity to upgrade both on machine components as well as components in the panel. Meeting and exceeding manufacturing safety standards in the workplace is a key element of the corporate culture for the manufacturer.

The Opportunity – Exceed Manufacturing Safety Standards with Minimum Production Impact

Upgrading safety circuitry on thousands of assets while maintaining production schedules and maintenance schedules presented several potential challenges. Implementing upgrades on multiple machines per plant during scheduled maintenance periods requires coordination of all materials, employees of all disciplines, and coordination of other maintenance activities. Successful execution is a juggling act and a ballet combined!

The global beverage manufacturer looked for a partner that could manage the large-scale project, coordinate with many disciplines in their organization, drive consistency across many plants, and ensure that corporate standards were adhered to at all plants. Grantek had successfully completed a number of large-scale projects for several global manufacturers and brought this competency to this project.

Grantek’s Solution to Achieve Operational Excellence

Grantek worked with the beverage manufacturing client to develop a project methodology that ensured success. Several factors were identified as critical to success: documentation, roles and responsibilities, coordination of all disciplines, and a well thought out electrical design. A well understood methodology, with milestones that are understood by all, insures that everyone involved is synchronized in their efforts.

Grantek met with Engineering, Production, Maintenance, and Safety during the electrical design. Thoroughly understanding the needs and expectations of all disciplines was critical to developing the electrical design. Developing a design that not only met the safety goals, but was cost effective in both fabrication and installation were goals for the client. An electrical design was developed that has been extremely well received by all disciplines. It has exceeded cost goals, and has made installation very efficient. Confidence in quick installation allows the beverage manufacturer to schedule installations even during shorter maintenance periods.

Grantek managed the complete project. Scheduling of materials, coordination of employees and contractors, coordinating with Production and Maintenance, and managing the overall cost goals all are managed by the Grantek Project Manager.

Continuous improvement in project methodology and execution continues to reduce the per machine cost of the project, exceed the client’s expectations and achieve operational excellence.

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