The Benefits of SCADA in Manufacturing

May 1, 2023

The Benefits of SCADA in Manufacturing

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) is a critical component of providing situational awareness for manufacturers. It can be used to monitor and control machinery, as well as present information that allows operators to make informed decisions faster. Our team understands the need for SCADA and has years of experience designing software with a common look and feel across all screens.

What is SCADA?

SCADA can be used to collect data from various sources using computers, PLCs (programmable logic controllers), sensors, RFID tags, etc., and then automatically analyze it. This data can then be presented in a visual format that allows operators to quickly understand what’s happening in their facility or plant. With this understanding, they can make better decisions about how to run their operation more efficiently and safely.

The Top 4 Benefits of Grantek’s SCADA Expertise

1. We understand that SCADA is more than just data—it provides information to put that data into context. This encourages a deeper understanding of the various components of a system and helps explain the relationships between them. By emphasizing information rather than isolated values, SCADA can help us understand complex systems more holistically. Through careful analysis, we can connect the dots within structures to identify bottlenecks and maximize efficiency. In short, while nothing beats data for accuracy, presenting it in context through information is key to invigorating our knowledge.

2. Our in-depth experience spanning decades of SCADA gives us special insights into what’s optimal for screen viewing. Knowing this and implementing it is a crucial step towards client success. Our team perfected their strategies and kept refining it over time to create screens that fulfills all user expectations.

3. Promoting optimal performance from all SCADA systems is important. We want our client’s operators to work effortlessly with technologies that allow them to balance the needs of their day-to-day tasks, stay aware of any changes in their immediate environment, and synchronize outputs with those of the institution actively managing them. To facilitate this seamless process, our development team designs a user interface and style pattern which allows these SCADA controls to have a distinct, yet familiar look and feel for all users.

4. We’re plugged into trends and what partners do, and stay on top of industry standards to make sure our clients are always up-to-date (eg. ISA 101 and 112 committees, etc).

Our approach

The key difference between SCADA and other forms of data collection lies in its ability to present information rather than just data points. While data points are useful on their own, they don’t provide the user with any context or insight into what they mean. By presenting information rather than just data, SCADA enables users to better understand the context of their operations in order to identify problems early on and take action quickly. This makes it easier for operators to stay on top of issues before they become major problems that can affect production or cause costly delays in manufacturing processes.

Our team specializes in creating custom SCADA software solutions that are tailored specifically for each customer’s unique needs. We design our software with an emphasis on presenting information rather than data points; this ensures our customers have the context they need to make the right decisions quickly and efficiently. Moreover, our software is designed with a modern aesthetic that allows users to easily navigate between screens without feeling overwhelmed by too much information on one page.

Problems Encountered with Poor SCADA

1. Poor SCADA systems can have devastatingly slow reaction times, resulting in drastic harm to people and equipment. It’s a huge issue that must not be overlooked or taken lightly. The consequences could be catastrophic–untimely reactions put lives, assets and environment at risk. No matter if it’s production plant safety or costly financial losses due to errors, neglecting the warning signs can cause extensive damage. This is why there must be a constant effort devoted to improving how we handle SCADA tasks for best results and safest control systems in place.

2. Integrating new equipment can be very difficult if SCADA systems are not managed properly. This neglect can lead to countless issues, proving just how essential optimization is for industrial operations. In addition, this lack of maintenance often places the entire system at risk, with costly and potentially devastating repercussions. What’s more, staying ahead of any glitches can involved unanticipated expenditure and a substantial diversion of resources away from their original purpose. The timely management of these systems makes a huge difference in ensuring seamless transactions between existing and new machines down the line.

3. SCADA systems are becoming increasingly accessible on digital devices like tablets and mobile phones. To provide a more comprehensive user experience, improvements must be made to support this mobile access. Organizations want operators to be able to easily navigate these systems from wherever they happen to be. In order to achieve an even greater level of usability, expanding SCADA platforms onto mobile devices is essential.

4. Management wants us to stay informed and up to date on what is going on the manufacturing floor– and this can easily be done with the help of SCADA or Manufacturing Execution System (MES). However, it is equally as important for MES to interface properly with SCADA in order for it all to run seamlessly. This ensures that management always has an accurate pulse of the factory’s operations, which makes taking action faster and more efficient.

Our Team’s Experience

At Grantek, we understand the importance of having an effective SCADA system in place for manufacturing organizations. Our team has years of experience designing SCADA systems with a common look and feel across all screens. We aim to balance the operators’ needs of situational awareness with the organization’s needs for efficiency, accuracy, and reliability – all while staying within specified tolerances – guaranteed! In addition to upgraded software solutions, our team also offers access to SCADA remotely from mobile devices – giving organizations even more control over their processes than ever before!

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