Video: Grantek Offers Systec & Solutions Hardware Integrated with Nymi

July 11, 2019

Werum User Group Meeting 2019

Grantek joined partners Systec & Solutions and Nymi to showcase Cleanroom GMP-IT hardware. Grantek is the exclusive North American distributor of Systec & Solutions hardware, and through Grantek’s partnership with Nymi this hardware can be integrated with Nymi’s Enterprise Edition to deliver a solution that provides authentication while improving productivity and compliance.

The above video highlights many of the Systec & Solutions cleanroom compatible configurations of GMP-IT hardware. Systec & Solutions’ Trapezoid TROLLEY with Inductive charging eliminates the need for any charging cable to recharge the unit. This also removes the tripping hazard while also addressing the concerns of cross-contamination when the unit is moved across your process and the power cable is exposed.

Systec & Solutions’ Glass Keyboard can also be seen in the above video. When particularly high standards of hygiene are required with a large number of cleaning cycles, glass keyboards are usually the best option. Their smooth surface makes them easier to clean. They are also better able to withstand cleaning agents and chemicals than membrane keyboards, which are more susceptible to wear.

Nymi’s Enterprise Edition using the Nymi Band, delivers biometric authentication to regulated manufacturing environments that are compliance driven and require confidence in the integrity of their data. Systec & Solutions hardware can easily integrate with Nymi using the Nymi CONNECT Box to greatly reduce the time needed for employees to quickly and easily achieve compliance and security standards while increasing productivity through secure two-factor, wearable biometric authentication.

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